Yoga Getaways

The beauty of yoga is that you do not need a studio to get the most out of your practice. It is most important that you practice in an environment in which you are comfortable to enhance your mental, spiritual and physical focus. With that in mind, we offer you the opportunity to get out of Shanghai on a yoga experience that will blow your mind!

Imagineā€¦ traveling to a beautiful location where there is no one else but yourself, nature, and your instructor. You are away from the static and hub-bub of city life, away from the stress and deadlines of your day to day schedule, and are able to focus solely on your spiritual, physical, and nutritional well being.

Our yoga getaways are a refreshing and different approach to diversifying your personal yoga experience. Whether you are looking for some one-on-one time for yourself, a romantic experience with your significant other, or an alternative trip for yourself and a group of friends, there is much flexibility within the package.

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