Corporate Experience

There’s one common thread that links those of us living in Shanghai: we came out here for a job and the job has taken over our life with the mandatory overtime, business dinners, and business trips…

We at Wellness by Murat Erbaytan have similar stories so we know how difficult it can be to fit in time for the gym or physical fitness activities outside of our daily work schedules. It is for this reason that we offer Corporate Fitness Experience. It  is not impossible to balance a hectic professional schedule with fitness and nutrition. It is important to incorporate balanced health and fitness habits into a busy work schedule as employees and executives alike will have higher energy levels, increased productivity, and a means of releasing the stress and tension is bound to accompany the demands of the job.

As with all our Corporate Solutions, our Corporate Fitness Experience is offered on site OR at a location of your choosing. Whether you are looking to educate yourself and your team on fitness and nutrition in the work place or are looking for a fun, creative, and educational team building experience, this service is one that EVERYONE can benefit from and enjoy.

For more information on packages and organising a Corporate Fitness Experience, please Contact Us.