Diet and Medical Nutrition Counseling

These individual consultations are with a Registered Dietitian to discuss your nutritional needs and to implement a plan to achieve your goals. A bit different from our Integrative Lifestyle Nutrition services, this service will include obtaining your personal, medical and nutrition history, reviewing food journals, and providing nutrition education and goal setting based on the gathered information. Follow-up sessions are encouraged to increase long-term success with goals. Follow-up visits can vary from 30 minutes to 1 hour and include monitoring your progress, reviewing and altering goals as needed and continued education.

Simple steps that will take place with each Client throughout our program will be as below:


Step 1:
- You and our nutrition specialist will have a complete review of current eating habits and lifestyle approach to eating.
- You would then discuss the opportunities for change and your goals for a lifestyle change.

Step 2:
-  You will be asked to expand your food log to include hunger and fullness ratings and how this influences food choices/habits.

Step 3:
- Our nutrition specialist will discuss with you the “brain-body” connection in relation to personal eating style challenges.
- Any necessary modifications to personal eating habits will be identified and proposed for you to integrate into your current lifestyle

Step 4:
- You and your nutritionist will highlight support systems (shopping & cooking) that are assisting goals or limiting goals toward a healthy eating style.

Step 5:
- This would be a final review of your eating plan, at which times modifications can be made if requested.
- You will be asked to reflect of how new habits will support long-term healthy eating goals.

Within each of these sessions are opportunities to introduce the heart healthy eating habits, such as including fiber, water, good oils, fruits, vegetables and functional foods that are essential to long term good health.

Most importantly at each session YOU will have the responsibility to assess your own progress and with the guidance of the clinician identify opportunities to further meet or amend the goals identified in the first step.