Julia Taylor

Sports and fitness were introduced to Julia at a very early age when she made her parents take her to as many different activities as she could. She first started doing athletics and swimming from six years old, excelling in long distance running. She was chosen to compete in many competitions for both running and swimming. She then moved onto activities like field hockey and dancing. All of this pushed her to want to do and know more about what is out there in the world of fitness.

She moved from Australia to London in 2000, which is where she was first introduced to Yoga. Instantly she started to realize the benefits of this type of movement and how it would compliment the current training that she was doing.

After completing her degree in Interior design she moved to China in 2006 living in both Guangzhou and Shanghai. Her strong drive for being healthy and helping people compelled her to start a women’s soccer league and Guangzhou and start the Shanghai Dolls.

It was in Shanghai that she started to study Buddhism, meditation and deepen her yoga practice. Julia has always tried to push the boundaries to see how far a person can grow both physically and mentally, so when the opportunity came along to compete in an amateur boxing match she jumped on it. She believes that winning this fight was because of her mental training from meditation and yoga. She has retired from boxing undefeated (1-0)!

She believes that by improving the body the mind will follow. She completed her Yoga Alliance 200 hour teacher training in Shanghai. She teaches Vinyasa flow or Hatha style classes. Her teaching style has been described as energetic and motivating with well balanced classes focusing on building strength and confidence.