Work, Play, Hard

Since you’re a male model as well as a personal trainer, we have to ask: Have any of your friends died in freak gasoline fight accidents?

Thank God in my country we’re not allowed to pump gas in stations, there are people to do it for us. We’re safe as long as Zoolander never comes to town.

How’d you go from modeling to training?

It was an easy switch since working out was already a big part of my life.

How’d you become involved with One Wellness?

I met David Barr a couple years ago when he started up One Wellness. We exchanged some ideas and I loved the project–it was different than other gyms.

How does the gym’s more holistic approach to fitness fit with your thoughts about health and working out?

What we provide members with is a lifestyle–it’s a different concept and we integrate that philosophy with some of the newest technology.

What do you mean, exactly?

Most of the time people just go to the gym to work out and leave as soon as they can. One Wellness is created so that people want to stick around. After a work out, people can grab a healthy drink or snack at our coffee bar and enjoy the outdoor patio. There’s also a lounge to read the paper, use the internet or watch TV. Being fit isn’t only about working out, but also living well. One Wellness is making a name for itself as and China’s only carbon neutral gym.

Is this environmentally conscious angle important to you?

Of course it’s important to me. Hopefully we can be an example for other companies.

What does a typical workout with you look like?

Every workout with me is customized according to the needs of my clients, but I do have one rule–no whining. I push people as hard as I can to make sure we will reach our goals together. I love to see them smiling after we get the result we want.