Pay a Turkish male model to personally kick your butt!

Murat Erbaytan

If you’ve muttered, “My diet starts tomorrow,” one too many times, then read the following carefully. Wellness isn’t a new gym; it’s the newly opened “VIP consulting firm specializing in fitness and nutrition education” headed by former model Murat Erbaytan. Erbaytan prefers the word “consulting” because he doesn’t just want to help fatties lose weight quickly, he wants to endow his clients with his mighty fitness tools so they can maintain their dream bod forever (Erbaytan’s biceps are solid proof he has plenty of wellness know-how). Wellness offers group classes in yoga, circuit training and bootcamps but their specialty is personalized programs for one-on-one clients. That means just you and Murat, mano-a-mano. Think you can handle it?