Operation Shanghai Dolls

This one is solely for the ladies, so men hit the track – I want five laps double-time! Listen up recruit, this camp is sponsored by the Shanghai Dolls community group – get over to their website and sign up for free if you are not already a member. Their third fitness challenge is due to start in September, pitting several teams based at parks in Xujiahui, Jing’an and Pudong against each other over six weeks, culminating in a course-ending competition and picnic to determine the fittest group. Organiser Julia Taylor says, “It is hard to be lazy and not turn up to training when you know your team are relying on you, which is a fantastic motivator.” Hard-as-steel instructors Murat Erbaytan and Shane Benis will improve your discipline and stamina by mobilising your soft-as-tofu body through jogging, push-ups, jump rope, resistance tubes, stairs and more over a non-stop, high-intensity hour of glorious pain and fitness gain. Semper fi!