Magnifique at Manhunt

Frenchmen have a way with women. That’s something every schoolboy knows, and it’s something every schoolgirl wants to prove for herself.

Some people believe it’s the charm of the French language that gives these guys their edge. Others give credit to the wine.

Fabrice Wattez of France was the winner.
And some people are sure it’s the “cool,” half-sleepy expression that you see on the faces of idle young men in Paris. (That look is supposed to make any woman fall at a man’s feet.)
We have a revolutionary explanation. We suspect that Frenchmen are just plain gorgeous.

We got that idea because of something that happened on Dec. 14, 2002, in Shanghai, China.  That was the day Fabrice Wattez of France won the Manhunt International pageant.

Murat Erbaytan of Turkey was named Mr. Physique.
There were other stunning specimens of male magnetism on that stage, such as first runner-up Bart De Schuymer of Belgium, second runner-up Murat Erbaytan of Turkey, third runner-up Adrián Medina Scull of Cuba and fourth runner-up Daniel Navarrete of Venezuela.
There were dozens of men who could turn heads on any street in the world.

Still, the man from France carried the day. And we think that says something about his remarkable nation. Just look at these photos.

You may find that you don’t agree with us. Maybe you think there were men on the Manhunt stage who were just as hot as Mr. Wattez, or even more so. That’s fine. To paraphrase a famous Frenchman, we will defend to the death your right to your opinion about a pageant.

But if you see a half-sleepy expression, watch your step!