Terms and Conditions

Me Wellness Terms and Conditions


Updated November 23rd 2011.

These terms and conditions form part of your agreement with us, MeWellness (Wellness by Murat Erbaytan).

Your agreement with us is made up of your client services and or group classes agreement form as well as these terms and conditions. These documents together form an agreement between MeWellness and you, so please make sure that you read them carefully and understand them. Thank you.

Starting Your Agreement

- Your agreement starts from the start date set out on your signed agreement form. The amount you pay will depend on the specific program you choose.

Standards of Service

- Me Wellness instructors/trainers will at all times act with a professional work ethic and strive to maintain a corteous relationship with all clients.

- Intructors will maintain high levels of service and maintain these standards to the best of their ability/knowledge and level of qualifications.

Payment Options

- All sessions and programs attended must be paid for in advance. Services offered – If a client is late, the time will be deducted from that session time.

- If a trainer arrives late, that time will be added to that session time.

- A trainer will wait 20 minutes for a scheduled client, after which time the session is subject to cancellation and full charges will apply.

Membership Cards

- We will give you, and anyone linked to your agreement, a membership card.

- You must bring your membership card with you each time you visit, and ensure it gets a stamp for each class attended.


- We are not responsible if you ignore our recommendations and continue to exercise at our classes.

- We recommend you have a health assessment from your doctor if you have any doubts over your current level of health and fitness.

- We can make changes to the type of services we provide, and we will give you notice of any such changes.

- We cannot accept liability for loss or damage to your property unless that loss or damage was caused by our negligence.

- You should consult your doctor before you start any exercise program or class if you are not sure whether it is suitable.

- In these terms and conditions, we are not excluding our liability for death, personal injury or fraud.

Data Protection

- We will only do what you ask us to do, or what you have given us permission to do, with any personal or sensitive information we hold about you.

- You are entitled to see the information we hold about you and you can ask us to make any necessary changes to make sure that it is accurate and kept up to date.

-You are responsible for keeping all your personal details and marketing preferences up to date.

Comments and Complaints

- If you have any comments or complaints, you should speak to a member of staff or contact us via our website . We will keep a record of this feedback and we will respond to it accordingly.

Cancellation Policy

- If the client (s) does not notify the trainer of the need to cancel a pre-scheduled session within 24 hours, the session will be counted as     fulfilled,  and full payment will be due.

Events Beyond Our Reasonable Control

- If we cannot provide all the services for 30 days or more in a row, or services are significantly reduced in quality of delivery for 30 days or more in a row, for reasons or events beyond our reasonable control, you or we can cancel your agreement immediately after giving notice in writing.

- Reasons or events beyond our reasonable control’ could include, for example, natural disasters, a government’s actions, war or national or regional emergency, acts of terrorism, protests, riot, fire, explosion, flood, an epidemic, strikes or other labour disputes (whether or not they relate to our workforce).

Changes to These Terms and Conditions

- We may make reasonable changes to these terms and conditions:

- Where we need to make changes to the terms and conditions to introduce new services or facilities.

- Where we need to update our payment terms or programme options.

- Where we need to add or remove sections of the terms and conditions to keep to health and safety guidance.

- When we make changes that may affect you, we will give you notice of the changes we plan to make. If you are not happy with the changes, you can cancel your agreement.

Terms and Conditions of Use

- As your safety is our main priority, you are not allowed to bring crockery, glass or food into the fitness area and studio.

- No pets, other than guide dogs, are allowed in any of classes.

- Fire exits are clearly marked throughout the studio and you must not interfere with them.

- If the fire alarm goes off, you must leave the premises through the nearest safe exit and make your way to the assembly point outside.

- You are not allowed to smoke in any part of our studio.

- While you are at our Anken Green studio you must behave appropriately, respectfully and politely at all times. We can prevent you from entering the fitness and wellbeing centre, or ask you to leave, if we think that your behaviour or appearance is not suitable.

- All exercise carries risk, and by taking part in exercise you accept this risk. To try to reduce the risk of health problems arising from exercise, please adhere to the advice and expertise of our instructors and consult a physician before beginning any such activity.

- If you are not sure whether you should exercise, get medical advice first.

- If the client (s) does not notify the trainer of the need to cancel a pre-scheduled session within 24 hours, the session will be counted as fulfilled.

Using Our Website (www.mewellness.com)

MeWellness cannot be held responsible for loss of information arising from the use of the site or any content from any external sites whatsoever. By using/accessing our site, you agree to:

- Seek our written permission if you would like to link to our site. In addition you agree that the content of our website should not be reproduced or copied in any way, shape or form.

- By supplying us with material via digital or hardcopy, you allow us unlimited, royalty free use of its content.

- Thoroughly read through these and comply with Terms and Conditions set out within. Anyone infringing on the aforementioned terms could be excluded from the use of our website.

- Me Wellness accept no responsibility for any viruses or other invasive material, which could be hidden in any downloaded material or content viewed.

- Not interfere with our website in any way, either by hacking or otherwise.