Wellness by Murat Erbaytan is a VIP “lifestyle” consulting service specifically designed for the city and people of Shanghai. Our international team consists of specialists in the fields of physical fitness and athletics, nutrition, the culinary arts, and medical / mental /emotional wellbeing.

We work with our Clients to first identify and target their areas of concern, plan customized programs specific to the their needs in order to achieve the best results, and encourage their progress through steady communication and supervision. We offer a variety of one-on-one trainings and consultations, as well as digital online support and podcasts to make it easy for our Clients to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle in Shanghai.

Each program will consist of a fitness regimen conducive to the client’s current lifestyle and physical abilities as well as a nutrition plan that takes into consideration the client’s medical /physical / environmental conditions. Supplementary to this program will be the options of customized meal plans, mental and emotional counseling, one-on-one shopping trips to educate the clients on where and what to buy, nutrition training sessions for family ayi’s, and many other programs and services that educate the clients and make it easy for them to incorporate and make our core philosophy their own.

Mission Statement:

Anyone in Shanghai can have fun as they learn how to achieve and lead a Quality Life through fitness, health and nutrition.